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Engage, recognize, reward, repeat. Applauz provides the tools you need to make your employee engagement program a hit

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Support the "Total Employee Experience"

In today’s job market leaders can’t afford to provide their workforce with a simple paycheck. Although money still makes the world go round, it takes more than cold hard cash to motivate your people to excellence.

The Value of Employee Engagement

Your Business Success Relies on The People Who Drive It

With Applauz, you invest 100% of your employee recognition budget directly into your employee engagement strategies. It helps you increase productivity and individual employee happiness without losing a ton of cash on up front software license fees.

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image of Applauz program
image of Applauz program

Recognize & Reward

Applauz provides your employee engagement program with essential recognition tools. Use Applauz Badges to recognize your employees who exemplify your company’s values and mission. Reward them with valuable Applauz Points they can choose to redeem any time on the Reward Marketplace.

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