Applauz Rewards

Reward your employees with Applauz Points they can use to redeem gifts from the Applauz Marketplace

Offer The Gift of Choice
With Applauz Points

Managers award points to employees. Employees redeem their awarded points in exchange for merchandise on the Applauz Marketplace. The Marketplace offers hundreds of brands with thousands of today's' most loved products available for delivery within two days, shipped directly from the Applauz Rewards Warehouse.

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Our marketplace carries the best selling merchandise from world-class brands

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Applauz Marketplace

With over 300 brands and more than 3,500 products on offer.

Applauz Marketplace provides your program with a full ecommerce experience allowing your employees to choose their favorite products and redeem using their applauz points whenever they want.

A shopping experience that reflects your company’s image

  • 85% in-stock product availability
  • 2 day shipping on most orders
  • Live customer service
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Easy and hassle-free returns

3500+ Reward Options from 300+ Most Recognized Brands

Offer the gift of choice by purchasing Applauz Points

  • Coffee machine with a cappuccino
    Sony audio headset
  • Grey smart watch
    Portable speaker
  • Hugo Boss bottle of perfume
    Beige dishes
  • Apple TV 4K
    Food processor filled with red peppers
  • Blue stand mixer
    Purple cocotte filled with vegetables and meat
  • Black barbecue
    Black watch for men
  • Blue handbag with zippers
    Jimmy Choo bottle of perfume
  • Canon black camera
    Black suitcase in an airport
  • Ray-Ban sunglasses
    Games console
  • Circular saw