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Applauz digital assets

Welcome to the Applauz press & media page. All digital assets we've made available here are officially approved and can be used by journalists and press media for the purpose of reporting or promoting Applauz through their respective outlets

Please refer to our Contact page for all other enquiries.

Applauz Logos and Branding

  • Applauz’ black & white logo
  • Applauz’ blue & yellow logo
  • Applauz’ black & white logo with Appy the robot
  • Applauz’ blue & yellow logo with appy the robot

Style Guide

The Applauz logo is precisely proportioned. The Logo’s shape, color, and orientation must not be altered in any way. Clear space must surround the logo on all sides, so that no type, design, or photographic elements encroach on the logo. The space may be white, or a single background color. You may choose to use either the type logo style, or the alternate symbol (Appy the Robot mascot) logo style.